Wednesday, July 7, 2010


After yet another flight, Mathilda hyper with tiredness after staying up till midnight the night before (she quickly sussed the non-english speaking babysitter could be taken advantage of), and TWO HOURS to hire a car - mexican Thrifty carhire office from hell (did their best to rip us off and almost got away with it but after 2 hours i think we won, or kind of drew) (and somehow the girls managed to hold it together all this time without one meltdown), and then 2 hours of driving dodgy desserty roads (small meltdown at this point), we finally made it to our home for the next month...

The house - 2.5 acres of absolute beach frontage (for any real estate agents out there).
Girls bath in the foreground.

The front garden
The pool and spa terrace! (there are many).

The front of the house - all rickety bifolding windows

Clover is happy.

Mathilda is ecstatic.
Refusing to wear any clothes or swimsuits.

We have been in the pool all day. Its the perfect temperature. And the outdoor spa is naturally bath temp so they girls have their bath in there at night. The house is quirky, an old farm house thats been added on to, thankfully not one of the ugly new monstrosities the americans are all building around here. Its rustic and rusty and perfect. Although there is an abandoned big old fish tank in the kitchen (go figure, there is also 9 frying pans and only one pot), with a strange creature hiding out in it. Creepy - like a big spider but white and moves too fast to get a good look, not a scorpion. Most frightening is that today its not in there anymore. When we got here last night it was a bit dark, we were exhausted, and got a bit jittery with all the foreign creepy crawlies (not helped by Nicks encounter with a large tarantula on his last jogging expedition).

The weather is incredible, just on the cusp of being too hot. All around us is sand, and water, and beautiful birds. Its like being in the dessert, by the sea, and with mountains in the background. We are so relieved to finally be at the beach, after so much city. Its more beautiful here than I had hoped it would be. We just wish some of our mates could come and stay, we have so much space - 2 big detached guest rooms with ensuites. Anyone?

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  1. We're on our way......
    Rob, Em and Jamie x