Thursday, July 29, 2010

Game fishing on the Sea of Cortez

They call it ‘the big fish trap’ because it has the highest concentration of game fish in the world. Having been here for nearly a month we thought we'd do as the Americans do, we hired a fisherman and went in pursuit of some cheesy photos of 'me and my big fish'.

You start by fishing for squid which you then cut up and use for bait.

You also visit smaller Mexican fishing boats to buy live sardines which you keep in a tank on board and use to fish for Tuna.

The Tuna when we found them were amazing – absolutely incredible fish and fought like Atlantic salmon. We lost a few and broke a line but still managed to haul in about 14 decent sized (10-20lbs. whilst we were out someone got a 200 lb).

We then went looking for marlin, the king of game fish. We sighted a couple close to the boat which made for some exciting manouvers although in vain. However we did see amazing flying fish, a giant turtle, a shoal of 50 jumping mantas and a school of dolphins so a fabulous day.

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