Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hello Guadalajara

I think it was because of the rain in Guanajuato and having not had much sleep for a long time, that we decided we deserved to stay in the best hotel in Guadalajara. So were a bit suprised when our taxi pulled up outside a hotel in what seemed to be the middle of an industrial zone. However it turns out that is what all the streets in this posh neighbourhood looked like, cool houses hidden behind garage doors and grubby looking concrete walls. I loved it. The delapidation of the street frontage was full of character and history.
Our hotel was beautiful, but unfortunately it was raining in Guadalajara too, and their only suite with two rooms was the dungeon, with a dodgy door into the 2nd room. When you're travelling through Mexico with two small children in the rainy season and no one has had any sleep for many nights and you've just driven 3 hours in a taxi without carseats to get there and its hot, you do not need a squeaky door in your expensive hotel. There was a moment after I woke Mathilda up by closing this door (after it had taken her over an hr to get to sleep), that I thought, why am I doing this? I was on the edge... That was a dark day. So I complained about the door, I felt silly, but when we got home after lunch it was fixed! And my life felt worth living again. Its the little things that matter. I felt elated everytime I closed the door after that. I really really hate squeaky doors. There is just no reason for them.

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