Monday, July 19, 2010

How to fill time in the hot mexican sun with two kids

A bit of lying in the hammock (mathilda pretty sad here, she had just sprayed our most hardcore sports sunscreen in her eye, that was a BIG drama, and she was an emotional wreck for the rest of the day).

A bit of exploring (not for long, too hot)

A bit of human sandcastle

A bit of playing in the neighbours beach hut

A bit of 'runny really fast' (had to take a picture, its the only time we've managed to get mathilda to wear her uv swimsuit)

A few picnics

A lot of swimming

A bit of contemplating (Mathilda in her Mexican dress, new current favourite)

A lot of eating. The kids are living on avocados, tomatoes and eggs, which they love. Nick and I are living on tacos from the taco stand at the end of our driveway, the best in Baja! an entire separate blog entry required.

A bit of yoga. Nick and I have alternate mornings off, when its my morning off i do yoga, swim then a walk on the beach. When its nicks morning off he goes fishing or for a run, or this morning he went hiking up a mountain, on the hottest day so far, in his jeans and cowboy boots (to ward off snakes). LUNACY i said to the girls at breakfast. He returned shortly after having bushwacked for about an hour, saying he realised he might die. The heat was too much. He then fell asleep on the sunlounger for a long time (very odd).

Now its very late, everyone is asleep and there is some kind of animal trying to get into the house, maybe its whatever has been eating our avocados at night. a bat? or a rabid jackal.. so its time for bed. more exciting updates tomorrow...

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