Thursday, July 22, 2010

Amazing wildlife

Today we chased a real live roadrunner down a dirt road in our wylie coyote tin car, it eventually outwitted us.

Yesterday we found this sad little scorpion in our bathroom - it was stuck in the shagpile rug so we caught it (the second one in the house so far). Apparently they come out as it gets hotter so we can look forward to some more.

Most amazing sighting so far was by Nick whilst out kayaking - a group of manta rays (10-15) jumping out of the water around him, incredible. No one knows why they jump. I have been going out every day on a mission to find them but they have never showed up again (but I have seen thousands of lovely fish, many leaping into the air, including a baby swordfish).
Also seen by the adventurer - a tarantula whilst hiking in the Guanajuato hills, saucer size, it was ambling slowly across his path and he nearly landed on it. Couldnt bring myself to put the picture up.

The birdlife is gorgeous, little bright red ones, little bright yellow ones, doves, hummingbirds, birds of prey, big prehistoric looking pelicans that hang around the beach all day in front of the house. And theres lots of dolphins. And huge black butterflies, and bats, and wild horses, and meandering cows, the most beautiful cows I've ever seen. And lizards! so many lizards. and ants, even more ants.

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  1. OMG your jumping manta ray is one of the most amazing pics I've ever seen. Incredible!

    Put the tarantula pic up - Stinker's dying to see it!....