Wednesday, June 30, 2010

great travelling companions

even a trip to the supermarket is fun with these two around

Mathilda squares up to a couple of ladies in Plaza San Fernando.

The green crocs we got her in NYC are her favourite possession

The hills around Guanajuato

Planned the route on google earth which is suprisingly useful. From our house up to ridge behind us, along the top, down and back through town.

the reality of the situation. a stunning set of butresses and gorges -route runs to LHS of central butress.

view back as I broke the ridge, bolted climbs on the wall to the left of shot for those who are interested..

The treat of the day for viewers is my new hat.

Our house is the white splodge directly above it.

and now circled in red.

The descent from the ridge took me along a gorge to an unexpected 30m waterfall, whilst navigating around this I found a cave full of glue sniffing Mexicans which was a suprise. They turned out to be quite harmless and even offered me some glue.

A fabulous mornings hiking, feeling much energized.

The Colours of Guanajuato

Possibly the most beautiful city I've ever been to. Georgeousness everywhere. Mountains in the background. Underground roads. Fabulous plazas. And people paint their entire houses bright pink, I love it.

Its the rainy season, and today we got a crazy rainstorm for about 1/2 an hour. We were in the Diego Rivera museum at the time so we waited... and as promised it stopped as suddenly as it began. When we emerged the streets were like rivers. Its a nice change from the heat and makes everything fresh.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

we go metchikoo

tired travellers
our house on the left
in the hammock
daddys new hat
chocolate icecream aftermath, too tired to cope
'i make friends'


nice phone

the only cool thing about houston airport

Monday, June 28, 2010

bit of sight seeing

view from the rockefeller tower was stunning.

guggenheim small but perfectly formed.

Le Labo

Fabrice's lovely shop, amazing perfume, great packaging. we smell nice.

soho brunch with jess

started the day with brunch at cafe gitanes on mullbery with our old friend jess who lives around the corner. we adjourned to a nearby park when the kids tired of latte chat. perfect start to the day.
mathilda finally plucked up courage to go near the water.

Ground Zero

We walked to Ground Zero. Amazed by the scale of the site.
Kids were relieved to take a break from the stifling heat in a nearby churchyard.


its all fire escapes and air con units... the 24hr background hum and the manhattan facade.
the tenement museum on orchard street is superb [thank you richard]; a vivid story of life in these buildings over the ages.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

hello New York

Room with a view

does it get any more new york than this? love it!

Fabulous apartment

the owners are Fabrice who started Le Labo perfumes, and Jen who is a nutritionist. the apartment is full of amazing perfumes and books on health so J is in heaven. Their daughter has almost identical toys to mathilda - uncannily similar people.....

NYC arrival

having thought the atlantic hop from london to the big apple was a long-weekend journey, the reality with 4hrs delay in heathrow and 2hrs delay in JFK was rather different - finally emerging from the terminal into a torrential rain storm over manhattan.