Friday, July 2, 2010

The Most Disturbing Museum in the World

Mesuo De Las Momias - a museum full of human corpses. Pre 1950 there was a grave tax, if relatives couldnt afford to pay, the body was exhumed. The soil conditions mummified the bodies and they ended up in this horrendous museum being photographed with grinning tourists and with jokey first-person write up's about themselves about how they got there. So very wrong. They all seemed to have died screaming. And there was tiny babies the size of kittens, including a mother and baby who both died in childbirth, by this stage I could hardly look. Nick couldnt handle it and left halfway through. Mathilda loved it.

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  1. Creepy but awesome, right? I think their mouths are open like that because of rigor mortis or contraction of muscles post death.