Thursday, September 2, 2010

The gorgeous NZ mountains

We got straight on to making the most of doting grandparents in the same country - leaving the kids behind we drove down to the mid-south, to ski Mount Hutt, Mt Cheeseman, and Porters Heights.

Was amazing, beautiful days and great snow 2 out of 3 days. Nick then continued further south to Wanaka on his own to do some heliskiing. In typical form he got the best weather for heliskiing they'd had all season on his one day there.

Nicks Heliski insert:

It takes some bottle to get into a tiny copter and fly over windswept peaks with turbulence that throws us around like a paper boat in a raging torent.

the first sight of the powder field and you know its going to be worth it
the landing site at the top of the ridge is a flat area the size of a london bathroom.. all respect to the pilot.

wide open and fresh tracks from top of the ridge all the way to the snowline [a 600m vertical drop].

Then the heli picks you up and you go somewhere else and do it all over again. We managed a respectable 5 drops before the weather [and our legs] drew the day to a close.
To say it was a spiritual experience would be to understate the day. If you like powder, there is nothing else. Daves, Rob, Rog - get over here.

Meanwhile I got home to discover there was a house on the market perfect for us, going to auction the next morning...


  1. Hay! this looka A.MAZING! just dragged Rob up to the pc from his revision for yet another interview next week (although he was finally offered something at Love Film last week hurrah!) for a look and we are there!! can't believe you lucked out on the weather.. actually CAN believe, ha ha!
    where is the house in NZ? Looks perfect with some rennovation - bagsie the cottage, ta.

  2. Come on chaps, give us some more news!! Miss you! Can't wait to come visiting. Hope your moving in is fun - we've been having fun moving! big kiss from all 3 of us xxx