Thursday, August 19, 2010

Its nice to be home

Our flight from LA to New Zealand was the best we've ever had - the kids passed out for 7 hours. That still left 5 to fill in, but we were happy. Landing in NZ was emotional as always. Amazing to see my family again, and for Clover to meet two of her aunties for the first time. We are now in Nelson, bit chilly after Mexico but gorgeous as ever.

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  1. Hi Guys
    Thanks for the birthday message. Hope you were able to have a good day for Clover's birthday too? One already!
    How's the best way to get in touch with you now you're in NZ? We could do with a catch up call, or Skype? Looking forward to seeing you over here - we've done nothing about getting a job yet (woohoo! 6 weeks off!) but we'll have to get on to it soon. I've taken my motorbike test, in advance of going around SE Asia / India (well, maybe...) and Kylie got me a wetsuit for my birthday - kite surfing lessons start soon. Also looked at a few Land Rover Discovery for wheels - 4WD compulsory really. It's cold and rainy here most days so enjoy any sun you get, although spring is on the way soon.
    Love to you all.
    Nigel and Kylie x