Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The hills around Guanajuato

Planned the route on google earth which is suprisingly useful. From our house up to ridge behind us, along the top, down and back through town.

the reality of the situation. a stunning set of butresses and gorges -route runs to LHS of central butress.

view back as I broke the ridge, bolted climbs on the wall to the left of shot for those who are interested..

The treat of the day for viewers is my new hat.

Our house is the white splodge directly above it.

and now circled in red.

The descent from the ridge took me along a gorge to an unexpected 30m waterfall, whilst navigating around this I found a cave full of glue sniffing Mexicans which was a suprise. They turned out to be quite harmless and even offered me some glue.

A fabulous mornings hiking, feeling much energized.

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  1. Of course you found glue-sniffing Mexicans. OF COURSE you did. LLGxx